As we grow and think of ways to achieve our goal we will need help to execute. If you are willing please complete our volunteer form. You can indicate on the form if you want to participate in activities that are already planned, spearhead your own in your own area or submit any fundraising ideas from which you think we can benefit.


We not only seek to raise money but also awareness. We host a variety of events with the goal of achieve both goals. Contact us for more information at

Our organization does not run itself. Money from the sale of our merchandise goes towards supporting the Student Debt Freedom Fund's everyday activities. Staff salaries and charitable planning come from the funds from these sales. So your support in your capacity helps us help you more efficiently, as well as brings awareness to our cause through your display of our inventory.

Your financial donation will help us achieve our goal of paying off the student debt for thousands of Americans. 100% of funds donated to our cause will go directly towards paying student debt.


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