"I started this non-profit because I was tired of seeing my friends, many of them from grad school, struggling to pay back their loans and live their lives at the same time."

-Tyana Wilson, Founder

It is an undeniable fact that a student loan seems to be a blessing in disguise. To be able to get an education and graduate typically allows people to get jobs that pays them enough for them to live and take care of their responsibilities. However, the cost of education has lead to hefty debt balances and interest that salaries often never catch up with. While some may find themselves in circumstances where they can handle repayment that is not the case for all of the 44 million Americans dealing with student debt.


Despite their best efforts sometimes those dealing with this massive debt face the following:

  • Interest rates that continuously add to the balance that they are trying to pay down

  • High debt to income ratios affecting their ability to buy a home

  • Those in default tend to have negative impacts to their credit rating

  • Stress induced by the financial paralysis of being unable to get out from under the loan

  • Being unable to save for a home, emergencies, college for children etc. 

  • Working multiple jobs or staying in high stress work environments for the pay

  • Being unable to retire


Our goal is to alleviate the stress that comes with these huge financial burdens and ensure that no one lets go of his ambitions in life solely because of pending student loans. Through our fundraising efforts we hope to raise enough money to be able to make the difference in the lives of people with student loans.

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